How to get two sure for Ghana Bonanza of 18/11/2022

This is how to get Two sure for Ghana’s NLA Bonanza of 18th November 2022

We are using national chart of 1995 and 1994. The events of interests are EVENT 1719, 1707 and 1699 which corresponds to the first box winnings of the last three bonanza winnings. From 66 position count 6 up and trace to where the number 60 is. This is where all the countings will pass through to lead to our two sure.

From 09 position count 6 up and trace to 60 along the same line and circle it.

From 42 position count 6 up and trace it 60 along thrbaame line and circle.

Now from 66 and along the trajectory of 60, count 15 down to get 09

Do the same by counting 15 down from 09 along the 60 trajectory to get 46.

To get the bonanza banker for today, count 15 from 42 down to get 03BK

Then revert to 66 position and go up 6 steps to trace back 60, and count 14 up, pick the last digit of the number there and combine with the last digit of the 15th position to get 69cbw

Also revert to 09fbw and count 6 steps up to trace to where 60 is.From the 60,also count 14 and combine the last digit with the laat digit of the 15 number to get 42fbw

To get our sbk for today, stsrting from 42 position, count 14 up,and pick the last digit there and combine it with the last digit of the the 15th position to get 21sbk

Finally to get our tbk,
Observe FrtBM Along 66 plays 47-1=46LBW
FrtBM Along 09 plays 90-1=89LBW
FrtBM Along 42 will play 80-1=79bk to occupy LBW

So, in Bonanza of 18/11/2022, play:
03bk 21sbk 79

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