1, Not all games posted here will potentially drop. Therefore, do not stake all games.

2, Playing many games will not necessarily improve your chances of winning. You can only win if the God of lotto permits.

3, There is nothing like a sure game; Even the best forecasted and daring game can fail.

4, There is nothing like the best forecaster. Only God is the best. Therefore stake wisely.

5, Remember to stake only when you have the money you are willing to lose. Never stake with your school fees or children’s school fees, your rent or your salary or money you have kept for something important. If you do so, the devil will make sure you lose it so that he can watch you cry.

6, Lotto is for 18+, that is matured minds. Don’t introduce anyone to lotto but allow the person to make the decision by himself so that he won’t blame you or hate you later.

7, If possible play once daily or once weekly with a reasonable amount you can afford to lose. Playing with N5 or N10 won’t help you. You can save the N5 or N10 for ten days and play once with it. If you will win, you will win. If you will lose, you will lose. But if you win, you win big.

8, If you lose, say a BIG “thank GOD” and if you lose, say a BIGGER thank GOD. It pleases and honors God to thank him even when you are disappointed. And if you win with someone’s game or combo, do not fail to reward or appreciate the forecaster(s). If you win solely with your own game, do not fail to do “GIVEAWAY” no matter how small or else you will gradually lose all your winnings and accumulate more losses. There is a bigger blessing in giving than receiving. We are lifted by creating happiness for others.

8, We as forecasters aren’t responsible for your losses. You are solely responsible for your losses while God is responsible for your winnings. Therefore, don’t blame anyone.

9, If lotto has broken you, do not commit suicide. It is not an option. Rather seek a professional help from a psychologist or call any of our Admins for advice.

Thank you and have a blessed week.

Emenike Borngreat

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